About Baltania

Baltania is a Tallinn based company which was founded in 2012 and focuses on bio energy production. Since 2014 Baltania has been developing pellet mill investments and was granted the NER300 grant by the European Union.

Momentum Capital became the sole shareholder in spring 2017 and has continued developing the business. Baltania is one of its portfolio companies focusing on the development of sustainable energy.

Baltania is focused on operating in an environmentally friendly way and ensures a low impact on nature throughout the supply chain as well as during the production process. Forest management is essential in order to operate sustainably and maintain vital ecosystems within nature.

Baltania ensures to process organic waste collected from sustainably managed forests which include; bark, harvesting residues, firewood, by-products and pulpwood / pulpwood chips.

Our Operations and Engineering team work in shifts to process organic waste into biocoal products. They have been extensively trained to become competent torrefaction plant operators who work in multiple small teams with the goal of maximizing safe production.

Baltania management

Rene Buwalda – CEO

  • Rene Buwalda is a CEO with a broad technical background. His career started over 25 years ago in the power generation sector. Rene worked in senior positions in engineering and production facilities and later as a senior project manager and project director in several complex international energy projects. Rene is a natural leader in multidisciplinary teams and he uses his strategic thinking to engage with partners to realize successful and ambitious projects.

Argo Tõnuri – Plant Manager

  • Argo Tõnuri has experience in forest industry over 20 years. This period includes contribution in sawindustry and last 10 years specialization mainly on production of wood pellets. Also has a several practical know-how about establishing and operating pellet plants. He has Bachelor’s degree in Forest Industry from Estonian University of Life Sciences.

Oliver Pappel – Business Manager

  • Oliver Pappel is an entrepreneurial talent in green energy and innovation management. The pioneering spirit and hands-on attitude have led him to kick-start several innovative green energy projects (in wind / energy efficiency sectors). Driven by challenges and innovative projects, Oliver knows how to capitalize on creating value for investors and clients alike. Oliver holds MSc. degree in Entrepreneurial Engineering from the University of Aalborg, Denmark, and BSc. degree in Electrical Power Engineering from the Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia.

Toomas Mälberg – Chairman of the Council

  • Toomas Mälberg has nearly 25 years of legal experience. He specializes in different aspects of business law, advising clients on mergers, acquisitions and transfer operations. Furthermore, he focuses on real estate, energy and infrastructure construction. He has extensive experience and broad knowledge in Mergers and Acquisitions matters and advised numerous acquisition transactions.