Baltania aims to source woody biomass from sustainably managed forests in Estonia.

The feedstock for the torrefaction process typically consists of woody biomass parts that are not suitable for other wood processing industries.

Baltania will utilize as much as possible the following woody biomass parts in its torrefaction process:

• Bark;

• Harvesting residues;

• Firewood;

• By-product chips (from other wood processing industries);

• Pulpwood.

When the low value and therefore cheap woody biomass is torrefied and pelletized, the biocoal becomes very cost competitive to transport due to its high energy value and hydrophobic nature.

Forestry Certificates

Sustainable forest management is vital in order to preserve valuable ecosystems and maintain ethics within our business, therefore Baltania ensures to only source sustainable biomass from wood suppliers who hold the following certificates:

  • FSC® CW – Controlled wood certificate NC-CW-009116
  • FSC® COC – Chain of custody certificate NC-COC-007116
  • PEFC – Chain of custody certificate
  • SBP – Sustainable Biomass Program

State Forest Management Centre FSC FM certificate