Baltania is a Tallinn based company which was founded in 2012 and focuses on bio energy production. Since 2014 Baltania has been developing pellet mill investments and was granted the NER300 grant by the European Union.

Momentum Capital became the sole shareholder in spring 2017 and has continued developing the business. Baltania is one of its portfolio companies focusing on the development of sustainable energy.

Baltania is focused on operating in an environmentally friendly way and ensures a low impact on nature throughout the supply chain as well as during the production process. Forest management is essential in order to operate sustainably and maintain vital ecosystems within nature.

Baltania ensures to process biomass collected from sustainably managed forests which include; bark, harvesting residues, firewood, by-products and pulpwood / pulpwood chips.

Our Operations and Engineering team work in shifts to process sustainably sourced biomass into biocoal products. They will be extensively trained to become competent torrefaction plant operators and work in multiple small teams with the goal of maximising safe production.

Supervisory Board

Portrait of Erik Huis

Erik Huis


Portrait of Kevin Ho

Kevin Ho


Portrait of Mikke Ruuhonen

Mikke Ruuhonen


Management Board

Portrait of Mika Hassinen

Mika Hassinen