Project Summary

Torrefaction of biomass is a mild form of pyrolysis at low temperatures typically ranging between 200 and 320 °C. The project concerns a torrefaction plant in Vägari, Estonia, for the production of 160 kt/year of biocoal.

The technology has been developed in order to use cheaper feedstock (low quality biomass) to produce an intermediate product with a high calorific value, good transport and storage capability. It also has uses in the energy, liquid fuel and chemical industries.

The project

Location: Vägari village, Jõgeva County, Estonia
Max. NER 300 funding: EUR 25.0 million
Entry into operation: 2020

State of advancement

The permitting process is in progress.

Outlook for 2018

Permitting and design phases of the project are currently in progress.

Outlook for coming 5 years

Full production capacity to be reached by 2021.